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Are private methods a code smell?

Some people believe private methods should be avoided. Are they right?


Value and reference types in C#, Part 2 - Why can't a DateTime be null?

“Why is not allowed to assign null to a DateTime?” Again and again, this question keeps showing up on StackOverflow and similar sites. Different phrasing, maybe a different type (“Why type “int” is never equal to ‘null’?”), but the same question, in essence. Which is only natural, considering that probably thousands of developers join the field every year.


Value and reference types in C#

This is my first “real” post here on my blog, and I decided to talk about value types and reference types. This is somewhat of a basic subject, in the sense that it is something that you should already know if you write C# code for a living.But at the same time, it can be a little non-intuitive if you’re not an experienced developer.