Who I am

Hi. My name is Carlos Schults. I'm a Brazilian software developer, born and raised in the beautiful Adamantina, first among the cities in the São Paulo state (in alphabetical order, but I think that counts, doesn't it?)

What I do

I work at SmartBio Tecnologia, where we do amazing things to improve agriculture by using technology.

I am primarily a C# developer, but the circumstances turned me into a kinda-sorta-dba, so I deal a lot with Databases, specially MS SQLServer and Oracle DataBase.

I also love automation, so I'm always looking for ways of automating our processes, like the build, release and deploy of our main product, for instance.

A little bit of history

I always loved computers, since a very early age. When I was little, I used to go behind the cashier's desk in stores, just to stare at one of those fascinating machines. At that time, mid-90's, my parents just couldn't afford one.

Fast-forward to the past decade. When I was 17, a few months after I bought my first computer, I started studying Information Technology at the "Centro Paula Souza". (I don't know if there is an equivalent to this in the educational systems of the English speaking countries, but here in Brazil there is this thing we call "curso técnico", which translates roughly as "technical course". It's a quick course (about 18 months) meant to teach you skills so you can get a job.)

Was at that time that I had my first contact with programming. Wrote my first "Hello World" in Pascal, and that's it. I'm hooked to this very day.

After that I went to college, where I got a bachelor's degree in Computer Science.

About this blog

I've been thinking about having a blog for a long time. Actually, this is my second try at blogging. I had another blog, some 4 years ago, but I decided to shut it down and focus on my studies and my job at the time.

So, now I think it's the perfect time to try again. I intend to write primarily about C# and databases, because these are the tools that I use on a day-to-day basis, so I hope I'll have plenty of interesting things to share.

Every now and then, some off-topic articles will pop up, but they'll be interesting as well. Promise. I mean, really. You can trust me.


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