Hi. I’m Carlos.

My name is Carlos Schults, and this is my professional blog (not that I have a personal blog.) I’m a software developer, consultant, instructor, and technical author. As a programmer, most of my experience is with C# and the .NET framework, but I’ve also worked with PHP, Java, Python, Ruby, Kotlin and other languages.

Most of my work as a technical writer has been done in partnership with Hit Subscribe, for which I work as a freelance author, having written close to 200 article for clients such as NDepend, NCrunch, Submain, Testim.io, TechBeacon, and many more.

As an instructor, I’ve taught for ASPE Training, currently called Cprime Learning.

Get In Touch

If you want to get in touch, e-mail me at:

carlos at carlosschults dot net

You can also follow me on Twitter or GitHub.